Information for Parents

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 Who We Are

Woodside Beasts’ are a NorCal Approved, NICA Certified, Coed, Multi High School, Mountain Bike Race Team. Our Coaching staff promotes respectful youth development, bike handling & maintenance skills, all with a focus on bike safety. Our training routs are generally on the dirt within a 30 minute ride from Woodside High School but we have been spotted shredding Santa Cruz, Tahoe, DownieVille and other Epic Trails.

Participation Requirements


Be a Responsible SAFE MTB Rider Representing Our League, Our Team, & Our Selves!

Register in the “PitZone” for our team as well as each race; Several Wavers & Approximately $50 ~ $300.

The Shutterfly website and mobile application will be the hub of our communication; team colander, volunteering signups, emails, files, pictures and event availability. All last minute scheduling issues need to be followed by a txt to the coaches!

Logging Miles ridden into Plus 3, a website / mobile application that pays our cycling league for every mile.

Safety Equipment Required Bicycle Helmet, Close Toe Shoes, Safety Glasses, Gloves & A Working Mountain Bike. Our Sponsor Bike Shops are a great resource for proper (Discounted) equipment & our coaching staff is always willing to help guide.

Riders must Carries their own Layered Clothes, Energy Food, and Water during training rides; Hydration Packs work well for this. Sharing food may occur, thus those with food Allergies must act responsibility.

Riders must qualify to participate on weekend rides by completing at least 2hrs a week of a verifiable aerobic workout i.e. Strava or Equivalent. Riding solo is not condoned. Our weekly practices will more than cover this.

Buy a Training kit for $75. This kit is loaded – 1 short sleeve & 1 long sleeve Wicking SportTec Shirt, 1 large duffle bag, 1 small bag, a bottle of chain lube & a cog brush.

Buy a Race Uniform.

Optional Participation

Many team members (parents & racers) participate in Several Optional Events. Some are hosted by NICA & or NorCal for example several Campouts with pro riders teaching skill clinics. Each event will have additional costs and by volunteering to help run the event much of the cost is waved.

Parents are Highly Encouraged to Register in “PitZone” & ride with the team; approximately $25 ~ $50.

Parents are Highly Encouraged to help on Race Day with the Team Tailgate Activities & League Posts. The NorCal League’s website has several “How To” Videos taking the guess work out of the post requirements.

Important Terms & Contact Information

League Website: &

Beasts Public Website: Parent Meeting r5-noPw

Beasts Privet Website: –

View Only ~ password:

Full Access ~ You must make a Shutterfly Account. User Name: “your email” / Password: “whatever you make it” or click “I forgot” a new password will be sent to your email.

Plus 3:

Pit Zone:

Sign Ups and Paperwork Status… MUST SHOW “RACE READY” TO RACE!!!

Everyone needs to complete their registration, & pay their fees individually in the PIT ZONE! Rates go up 1 week before the race and then again race day. The first number plate is provided but others will need to be purchased.

Access ~ user name: “RACER’s Email” / password: “whatever you made it” or click “I forgot” a new password will be sent to your email.


Jarrod Ristow 650-477-5799 & Greg Dertorossian 415-370-6698


Norcal hosts 5 conference races, 1 state championship race, 3 camps, and several ride parties. Our team meets 3~4 times a week.

We practice 3~4 times a week. Wednesday is spin class at Mobius Fit. This is the best bang for your time training! Thanks Mobius! Thursdays are special event days, maintenance, training tips, maybe a privet tour of Santa Cruz bikes… Friday is a ride day, in the beginning it will be Arastradero. Sunday will be long hard 20+mile rides. As with all rides safety gear is needed, helmet, gloves, eye protection, layered clothes, food, and water!

Race Days are a rush. We set up camp, saddle up with racers and family members (yes you too) and Pre-ride the 5mile course all before 9am. Meet back at the camp for some food, last minute bike adjustments, and R&R. The show begins at 10am with Freshman Girls first then Sophomores… then finally Varsity Boys at 2pm. All pushing their limits lapping a course littered with spectators. A designated parent from each team goes to the feed zone handing our warriors fluids as they knock down each of their 5 mile laps. Respectively 10, 15 or 20 miles into the race the checkered flag emerges. A burst of energy rushes through our racers feeding off the cheer of the crowd as a photo finish makes another memory! We are not done yet; there is still food to be had, a race course to be taken down, and podiums to stand on!

Beginner & Advanced Camps scream FUN! As many have heard almost 50 High School kids pitch tents just outside of Fair Fax and learn from a cast of World Champion Cycling Pros that share their shredding knowledge of turning, braking, flying over obstacles, running gears, and having fun. Plus last year Cannondale Bikes brought their 30+ bike demo fleet & the league offered up a lot of free cycling gear. It is an understatement to say, “It becomes a feeding frenzy of safe bike handling skills that start with the mechanics of a bike and finish with a foundation to ride faster and safer!.”

Team Needs

Sponsors are always welcome... Running the team is costly so we could use all the help your generosity will give. Examples of some of our challenges follow: Coaching Certifications Fees = $500 ea. & Ride Leader Certification Fees = $200 & Team Certification Fees = $200… Each Racers Season fees = $50 ~ $300 ~ $1600

(2) Team Tents. We need 2 or more 10 x 10 pop up tents. These will be used during race days in the Pits. This is another great way for our Sponsors to advertise! Many teams have 2~4 of these!

(2) Food Racks 6’x4’x18”

Barbeque equipment – ( Someone to operate it as well !! )

Emergency MTB Repair Parts… Tubes, Derailleur Hangers, Brake Pads, Bike Care Products, Chain Lubrication Oil &….

Team Banner


This team will be made with your help! The more help the more organized and more fun the season will become!

Ride Leaders – I encourage parents to ride with the team. To be really helpful you will need to sign up in the “Pit Zone”

Photographer! – Talk about some great memory keep sakes

Transporting kids as needed

Cook for the Race Day festivities… Spear Head the gathering food ahead of time and cooking for our team (I can ride a bike better than most but my cooking skills can turn a collage kid’s nose up…)

Day of Race: Help set up Tailgate Camp – Pit Zone tents, tables, chairs, and…

NorCal has a long list of volunteer positions. Starting with helping announcers, coarse Marshals RIDING WITH THE KIDS!! Or posted on a dangerous turn to radio for help, and finally they need help with setup and take down. We cannot see our kids on the podium until the course has been taken down…

More to come