Join our HighSchool & Middle School Race Team

I am excited to share information about our Woodside Beasts Composite High School Race Team. We are a family orientated Mountain Bike Race Team encouraging parent participation!

We take part in the Norcal High School Cycling League. The league is part of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA for short).

To join us is simple.

  1. Email Coach Jarrod Ristow  with your email address for league registration or fill out the form on this page.
  2. An account will be set up in your racers name with NICA.
  3. NICA with send you an email via PitZone.
  4. The PitZone website is where everyone is registered and agrees to the League & Team Rules. It is also where Registrations fees and race entry fees are paid. Total fees are per this structure:
    1. Student Athlete
      See our costs page.
    2. Parent/Ride Leaders helping with the team on team rides (NICA rules require all adults on a ride to be registered)
      $25 NICA fee + $38 background check ($11/year for years 2-6).
  5. Coaching Staff will be notified when you are registered with the league and can ride with the team.
  6. Individuals are responsible to register and pay for all Races and Special Events they participate in. Fees for races are $50 per event which you can pay through the season when signing up for the race.

Use the form below to contact the team and to ask any questions.