Yes, we do race! You don’t have to race but we strongly encourage you to try because in doing something you will learn something about yourself. There’s a camaraderie that develops between racers in the shared effort of racing so you’ll make new friends.

Courses are designed to be inclusive. That means they can be safely ridden by  new riders with little mountain biking experience.  There are no big obstacles to navigate. There will be climbs and descents, nothing too steep, there will corners where skills will make seconds of difference, but no drops. As you train and practice, you’ll be able to measure how you improve.

We only do cross country mountain bike races. Some of our team riders may also compete in downhill or enduro racing, but they do so outside of the team.

But don’t you have to be fit to race cross country? Isn’t downhill easier? Well yes, but top downhill and enduro riders are also very fit and do well at cross country races.

3 Freshman Beasts in 2017 Riding the Fort Ord Course

We get to race at some amazing places. Six Sigma Winery is a favorite.

Race Schedule

The standard racing season has 5 NorCal races plus we join SoCal for the State Championships for a total of 6 races. Races start in mid to late February and then proceed roughly every other weekend until mid-May. NorCal is split into north and south conferences and race on alternate days in the weekend. We’re in the south conference. If a race is held in the south conference then we race on the Saturday, else we race on the Sunday.

NorCal’s 2019 provisional race schedule:

  1. Saturday February 23, Fun at the Fort, East Garrison (Ft Ord)
  2. Sunday March 17, Granite Bay Grinder, Granite Beach, Granite Bay
  3. Saturday March 30, Laguna Seca
    • Sunday April 14, Sea Otter Classic at Laguna Seca – not a NorCal event but highly recommended.
  4. Sunday April 28, Six Sigma. Six Sigma Ranch Winery
  5. Sunday May 12, Six Sigma Slinger (Districts), Six Sigma Ranch Winery
  6. Saturday / Sunday May 18, 19, California State Championships, Tehachapi (Near Bakersfield), hosted by the SoCal League.

Before the start of the season we will do a couple of CCCX races at Ford Ord in the Monterey area. These are great low key races for your first race, to see where you stand, and for early season training.

Sometimes we Camp out

For races hosted in the North Conference, when we race on Sundays, we’ll often go up the day before and camp out. This means we pre-ride on the Saturday afternoon  after the North Conference teams have races.

Early Morning at the Six Sigma Camp out.

Camp outs are a time to have fun and make friends from other teams.

Race Day

Races are always a ton of fun, and they are a bit of a production to be sure. Here is additional information from the Black Mountain Composite Team to help you understand how it all works.

Our race day pitzone with grill and water bottles for the race.