The NICA season starts in December and goes through May and this is the official training season. Riders will get together for informal rides outside of that time frame.

Our typical training sessions are:

  • Friday: a spin class, starting with a core workout.
  • When summer time starts we’ll do one or two midweek rides, usually either in Waterdog Park in Belmont up dirt Apine.
  • Sunday: A longer ride, typically 4 – 5 hours.
  • Saturday: The first Saturday of the month some riders take a trip to the Heller Velodrome in San Jose for their beginner session. This is not a team event, it is run by volunteers at the Velodrome, but going down together makes it fun.

For something a little different we might join the Velodrome’s beginner days.

Friday night Spin Training

Where We Ride

We have three locations for weekday rides which we randomly rotate through:

  1. Alpine road. We meet at the Windy Hill Open Space Parking lot and ride up dirt Alpine and do loops in Montebello and/or Russian Ridge.
  2. Arastradero. We park at Arastradero and the road going off to the Palo Alto University
  3. Waterdog Park, Belmont. We meet at the gate to the fire road going up to the lake.

On weekends we often ride at Skeggs, officially known as El Corte de Madera Creek preserve. Newer riders meet at the Skeggs Point parking lot. Older riders meet at the bottom of Kings Mountain Road and then ride up. As the season progresses we encourage newer riders to also ride up.

Once a month we’ll go further afield to places like Wilder Ranch or Soquel Demonstration State Forest (usually just called Demo).

Required Equipment

The first thing you’ll need, even if you only want to join us for one ride, is a signed NICA waiver.  Just print it and sign it and bring to your first ride. You’ll also need a mountain bike unless it’s a road ride.  If you don’t have one, talk to us about your options. Add a helmet, gloves, glasses and water and you’re on your way. For weekday rides you’ll also need lights, we’ll send you home if you forget them.  For longer rides, a snack. That covers your bare minimums and is enough to get you started.

This picture, shows how an experienced team member would be equipped.